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Fee Schedule

All fees subject to change without notice.

Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Effective: October 1, 2021
Fee TypeFee Description/DetailAmount
Savings Account Fees
Minimum Balance To avoid Service Charge Fee $5.00
Monthly Service Charge Fee If the minimum balance is not maintained $2.00
Return Item Fee Per Transaction $25.00
Early Closure Fee Accounts closed within the first 90 days $25.00
Checking Account Fees
Minimum Balance No minimum balance None
Monthly Service Charge Fee No monthly service fee None
Check Order Fee Prives vary depending on style Varies
Courtesy Pay Per transaction and up to max limit of $750.00 $25.00
NSF (Insufficient) Fee Per transaction $25.00
Overdraft Protection ATM and everyday one-time debit card transactions $25.00
Overdraft Service Transfer to NSF Checking Account (per transfer) $10.00
Stop Payment Fee Per Item $25.00
Debit Card Fees
Debit Card Replacement Per Card $20.00
Debit Card Replacement - RUSH ORDER Per Card $35.00
Money Orders ($1,000.00 maximum per money order)
Members   $3.00
Non-members   $20.00
Share Branch members   $5.00
Notary Service
Members   Free
Non & Share Branch members (per seal/stamp) $10.00
Other Service Fees (Applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation Fee Per Hour $10.00
Account Research Fee Per Hour $10.00

       Copy Fees

       (per page/item)

  Account history/summary $1.00
  Account monthly statement $5.00
  Cleared share draft or credit union check (per check) $2.00
  Personal documents (Per Page) $0.25
Dormant Account Fee assessed after No member transactions for 60 months (5 years) $300.00*
Fax Fee Per Page $1.00
Legal Document Processing Fee Per legal order (Levy, Garnishment, Subpoena) $20.00
Return Mail Fee Per Item $1.00
Prepaid Cards
Gift Cards (members and non-members) Purchase fee waived if share/savings account balace is at least $2500 after transaction $2.00-$6.95
Reloadable Card (members only) No monthly fee with Direct Deposit $5.50-$9.95
  Monthly fee without direct deposit $3.50
  Reloadable fee per transaction $4.00
Travel Card   $5.50-$9.95
  Reloadable fee per transaction $4.00
  Monthly fee No Fee
Western Union
  Auto check withdrawal from account (per check) $3.00
  Members - One check free (per day), each additional check $1.00
  Non-Members ($5,000 maximum - 1 Check per day) $20.00
  Shared Branching Members - one check free (per day), each additional check $5.00
  Stop Payment Fee (per check) $25.00
       Domestic Member (per transaction/international varies) $25.00
  Non-Member (per transaction) $35.00
       International   Varies
       Domestic Outgoing Member (per wire) $25.00
  Share Branch & Non-Member (per wire) $35.00
       International Outgoing Members $35.00
  Share Branch & Non-members (per wire) $45.00
       Incoming Member No Fee
  Share Branch & Non-Member (per wire) $20.00
Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Withdrawal Transaction Fees
Schofield FCU Debit Cards used at any Schofield FCU, Bank of Hawaii or American Savings Bank ATM   No Fee
International Transaction Fee   1% of withdrawal amount
All fees subject to change without notice.

*Hawaii statutes require that after 5 years of inactivity and no member contact, any account balances must be turned over to the State of Hawaii. Activity does not include Credit Union initiated transactions such as dividend payments, service charges, etc.

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